Corn Xpress

Our Corn Xpress corn vending machine is conveniently located just 3 miles east of Camp 400 at Pete's Convenience Store.

1100 W 400 Hwy
McCune, KS 66753

Directions For Use

  1. Place container on ground.
  2. Remove plastic hose from clip/holder and place next to container.
  3. Insert cash or swipe debit/credit card.
  4. If swiping card, machine WILL ONLY withdraw the selected amount purchased from your account. Button must be pushed TWICE: Once to withdraw funds, twice to begin dispensing product.
  5. If using cash, please ONLY use $1, $5, $10, and/or $20 bills.
  6. Select desired amount.
  7. Corn will dispense in 15 seconds.
  8. Hold plastic hose until product is FINISHED dispensing. DO NOT leave plastic hose in container unattended while filling up. Doing so will cause augur to bacl{ up.
  9. Return plastic hose back on clip/holder when finished.
Disclaimer: Not intended to be used for human consumption. This product should be used in a legal and lawful manner. Weights are approximate.